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Welcome to the web site of the

Itzehoer Wasser-Wanderer e.V.

COVID-19 update

The Government of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein has extended the measures to control coronavirus infections. We can practice our sport with restrictions.

We are a canoe and kayak club with actually about 200 members at Itzehoe in the north of Germany in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, known as the "land between the seas" (North Sea and Baltic Sea). Our boathouse is located on the right bank of the tidal river Stör.

Kayaking with the Itzehoer Wasser-Wanderer is training for newbies and advanced paddlers. From the first paddle stroke to the perfect eskimo roll. For the whole family and every age: small children accompanied by their parents, a children and youth group and an active group of adult paddlers.

We offer our members canoe trips on the Stör and waters in the region, weekend trips in northern Germany, holiday trips on the most interesting waters in Europe with the tent equipment in the boats and ambitious white water challenges. And we are looking for a sporty challenge in dragon boat races.

Kayaking with the Itzehoer Wasser-Wanderer is as manifold as the waters: romantic lakes, large rivers, rapidly flowing mountain creeks, North Sea and Baltic Sea...

Our club is honored as "Active Canoe Club" by the German Canoe Federation (Deutscher Kanu-Verband e.V.).

Paddling is simply the best sport in the world!

These pages are in German as they are intended primarily for informing our members and friends about our activities.

We would like to invite you, to experience canoe sports with us. How about participating with a team in one of our dragon boat events?

Just stay a bit with us!

Any Questions? Send me a mail...

On the page "Vorstand" (board) you find our contact persons, their addresses and telephone numbers.

Martin Ölscher
- Chairman -

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Logo Itzehoer Wasser-Wanderer e.V.
Itzehoer Wasser-Wanderer e.V.